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The value of long-term donor acquisitions

Did you know that in comparison to one-off donations, the average regular-giving donor gives approximately 42% more funding in one year?


Regular-giving is the lifeblood for many charitable organisations – without a steady stream of funding, the vital services and programs offered by non-profits wouldn’t be possible.


So where do you see your non-profit in five or ten years from now without a reliable source of funding? If your organisation is considering a regular-giving campaign to boost its strategy, The FIN Agency point out a few things to think about.


Why would you outsource face-to-face fundraising services?

While charities can manage their regular-giving campaigns in-house, many organisations choose to outsource this service to specialised companies like The FIN Agency. Why? It takes a lot of resources, infrastructure and experience to effectively and efficiently manage a large-scale fundraising campaign. Most charities prefer to outsource this service, for this reason, allowing them to focus on the vital work they’re doing for their causes.


The benefits

Sustainable donor acquisition campaigns are one of the most reliable and effective ways to generate quality supporters. Here are some of the benefits when face-to-face fundraising campaigns are delivered well:

  • Regular-giving campaigns provide stability, allowing charities to plan programs and services.

  • Even if a prospect decides not to sign-up, face-to-face fundraising raises awareness to the wider community about the cause and the work they are doing.

  • When a non-profit works with The FIN Agency to develop and deliver a regular-giving campaign, the charity is charged a one-off fee per donor acquired which means you can keep track of your budget and know exactly what you’re spending.

  • The FIN Agency outsources the face-to-face services of the fundraising campaigns it develops to specialised sub-contracted marketing companies that employ fundraisers to represent FIN’s clients’ causes.

  • Because face-to-face fundraising is personalised, your charitable messages can be tailored to target each encounter, bringing your brand to life.

So, if your non-profit is considering face-to-face fundraising to generate steady funding, talk to The FIN Agency to understand if this method would be a good fit for your cause.


To learn more about how The FIN Agency can help your charity acquire more quality donors, contact us today.


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