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Event Fundraising

Delivering professional and successful event fundraising campaigns brings your charity brand directly to population dense areas. This may include shopping centre sites, airports, festivals special events, summer music or food festivals, or a large trade show. Either way, the goal is achieved with a brand focused message that leaves a long lasting positive impression on potential donors.

During these events fundraisers are equipped with the same technology and skills that allow them to build rapport with potential donors and acquire monthly gifts for your organisation.

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Private Sites

Private-site fundraising takes place from fixed outdoor locations in front of private businesses, such as major retail and brand chains. The FIN Agency can deliver these campaigns to help you boost your brand visibility and connect with donors who you know are likely to visit these sites.

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Residential Fundraising

Residential fundraising is a great way to connect with people at their homes when they’re not rushing about and may have more time to have a bit more of a chat. The FIN Agency insists on the highest levels of professionalism and respectfulness from all residential fundraisers, who completely understand the importance of caring for the neighbourhoods in which they operate while representing your brand.

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Business Fundraising

For not-for-profit organisations, marketing to corporate donors can amplify their reach. A different market requires a different approach. B2B marketing is a highly specialised discipline and that’s where The FIN Agency can deliver these campaigns for you, visiting places of business to talk with individual employees about your cause and encouraging them to set up a private commitment to support your charity.

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How Do We Reach Your Donors?

Face-to-Face Fundraising Solutions

Events / Private Sites / Residential / Business-to-Business / Corporate


Call Centre Fundraising Solutions

Welcome & Verification calls / Outbound Fundraising / Reactivations


Software Solutions

Our partner networks can assist to develop advanced analytics software.


Technology Solutions

Our partner networks can develop intelligent and highly customisable fundraising POS apps designed to  signup new donors.


Data Insight

Working with you to understand your supporters, we build a program to visualise your supporter base.


Fundraising Campaign Planning & Strategy Development

We work closely with charity clients to understand their objectives that ensure a return on investment.


Compliance & Best Practices

We take seriously our commitment to upholding the highest standards and protecting donors.


Data Modelling

Data modelling allows you to most efficiently identify your next new supporter or your next best donor.